The Aberdeen theme is a simple and clean layout designed to be minimalist and stylish at the same time to make your content look great.

It has several features to make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Font-Awesome icons bundled in that add a touch of cool
  • Custom sharing options in the footer of your posts so people can share your content far and wide
  • Full-width post and page variants to showcase your content better
  • A responsive layout so your site looks great on all devices

Get hands on with the Aberdeen WordPress theme today by downloading from my site!

Get much more from the Aberdeen theme by buying the Plus version.

Aberdeen Plus comes packed with a range of customisation options that means that you can tailor the theme exactly how you want it.  It also comes with WooCommerce support baked in so you can start selling products through your website!

The Plus features include:

  • Theme options panel courtesy of Redux Framwork
  • 10 vibrant colour schemes to choose from, or make your own!
  • Header social icons so your social branding is clear across your site
  • WooCommerce support so your products look great and can be sold straight away

Check out and buy the Aberdeen Plus WordPress theme today from my site!


v1.4 – 4th January 2016
  • Feature: Full-width posts and pages option
  • Tweak: Social share counts alongside icons [Plus only]
  • Tweak: Added option for visited link color [Plus only]
  • Tweak: Updated ReduxFramework ( -> [Plus only]
  • Tweak: Made trackbacks into template part
  • Tweak: Made options for breadcrumb seperator [Plus only]
  • Fix: Printing share made optional [Plus only]
v1.3.2 – 29th December 2015
  • Tweak: Changes home/search/archive content display
  • Tweak: Moved sharing icons on pages
  • Tweak: Added trackback display to posts/pages
  • Fix: CSS Changes (Search field, backgrounds, headers, moretag, comments, body)
  • Fix: Read more tag display improved
  • Fix: URL error in header [Plus only]
  • Fix: Fixed next/previous post navigation
v1.3.1 – 18th December 2015
  • Fix: Added titles to more theme elements
  • Fix: Better display of images on home, archive and search pages (overflow issues fixed)
  • Fix: Better display of YARPP Related Posts on entries
  • Fix: Cleaner code for page templates to improve load times
  • Fix: CSS Fixes (iframes)
v1.3 – 14th December 2015
  • Feature: Choose footer display options (Plus only)
  • Tweak: Sharing options on WooCommerce products (Plus only)
  • Tweak: Sharing options on pages (w/ Theme options)
  • Tweak: Moved sharing options in footer
  • Tweak: Added comment count option to entry meta (w/ Theme options for other entry meta)
  • Tweak: Added author box option to post footer (Plus only)
  • Tweak: Options for categories in post footer (Plus only)
  • Tweak: Changed read more option for archive excerpts
  • Fix: Added link to homepage for site-logo (Plus only)
  • Fix: Uses WordPress defined dates and times in theme
  • Fix: Cleaner display of featured images
  • Fix: Cleaner script enqueuing
  • Fix: CSS Changes (Subtitle, WooCommerce)
v1.2.3 – 10th December 2015
  • Feature: Logo alignment choice [Plus only]
  • Fix: Adds caption to featured images
  • Fix: CSS changes (Site logo, tables, mobile)
v1.2.2 – 1st December 2015
  • Tweak: Sticky nav bar snapping improved
  • Tweak: CSS improvements for WooCommerce and mobile [Plus only]
  • Fix: Mobile menu styles and toggle
  • Fix: Properly titled theme files
  • Fix: Better site logo display (w/ SEO improvement)
v1.2.1 – 29th November 2015
  • WordPress 4.4 compatible
  • Tweak: Upgraded FontAwesome (4.4 -> 4.5)
  • Tweak: Added reddit and Pocket social media icons
  • Tweak: Upgraded Redux Framework ( -> [Plus only]
  • Fix: Cleaned up theme functions
  • Fix: Made theme more available for translations
v1.2 – 18th November 2015
  • Feature: Theme updating functionality
  • Feature: Custom header support
  • Tweak: Added RSS feed to author-box
  • Tweak: Adds custom editor style for WordPress editing
  • Tweak: Added header text color change option [Plus only]
  • Fix: Custom color scheme support fixed [Plus only]
  • Fix: Improved mobile rendering of sidebar, menus, tables and list
  • Fix: Added subtitle to main pages
v1.1 – 14th November 2015
  • Feature – Subtitle box for posts
  • Feature – Choose sidebar alignment [Plus only]
  • Tweak – WooCommerce cart info now in nav bar (w/ Theme options) [Plus only]
  • Tweak – Simplified social media header and sanitised URLs for more secure performance [Plus only]
  • Tweak – Multiple CSS changes
  • Tweak – Added e-mail to author box
  • Fix – Redux Framework notices simplified and showing correctly [Plus only]
  • Fix – Better and more reliable handling of WooCommerce pages [Plus only]
Version 1 – 7th November 2015
  • Sticky navigation bar
  • Header search bar
  • Custom social sharing icons
  • Font Awesome icons (v. 4.4)
  • Redux Framework theme options panel (v [Plus only]
  • Native WooCommerce support [Plus only]

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