I’ve been writing on my own blog for almost three years now, but have also taken part in other writing projects as well:

The Gaudie


Web Development

Obraichean Gàidhlig

Obraichean Gàidhlig is a jobs board website dedicated to helping people find new jobs relating to the Gaelic language and to provide an online space for employers and jobseekers to come together.

Since its launch in August 2016, over 100 job listings have been posted and thousands of people have visited to find out about the latest vacancies in the Gaelic jobs market.

So far the site has been a great success, and future developments to greatly enhance the services the site provides and the marketing efforts it can conduct are planned, subject to funding.

Ross & Cromarty Citizens Advice Bureau

I developed a new website for the Ross & Cromarty Citizens Advice Bureau as part of a summer placement with them, helping them connect with the community online and show off their services to more people:


A website design to help people connect with the local CAB, including finding out more about their services and contacting them to make enqurieis and appointments.  The site features live chat, accessibility options and e-commerce functionality too for events booking.  You can find out more about how the site was built here

As part of my job for TEFL Org UK, I’ve helped build two websites and helped their sister company TEFL Courses Ireland with developing their own new website:  (You can find out more about how these sites were built here).


OnlineTEFLCourses offers people the chance to get qualified to teach English online with an entirely online course that they can fit around their existing lifestyle.  The site has e-commerce features so that customers can by the courses and this is linked up with an online learning system that automatically enrols students when they buy.

etf-homeEnglish Teacher Finder

English Teacher Finder was launched as a way of allowing English teacher to advertise their services to schools and those looking for English lessons.  It had a simple listings functionality as well as contact methods that can be monitored by site users.

TEFL Courses Ireland

TEFL Courses Ireland featured the same functionality as OnlineTEFLCourses but also includes the ability to buy courses that take place over weekends in classrooms.

Kellow Miscellany FM

I also built my own radio station via Radionomy, featuring a great mix of songs playing 24/7 and hosted it on my website.

Unfortunately, Radionomy’s music library features were greatly diminished in 2016 meaning the radio station had to close.

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